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Stan Potter, Father Colman Barry and Frank Rarig with the Radio Talking Book in 1968.

About Us

Infinity Public Media brings lights to the injustices of our world that people experience on a day-to-day basis and provides education on real long-term solutions. We want to start to bring about change through our conversations highlighting the people that our society deems “disposable” people and offer concrete solutions  to bring about more diversity and inclusion in our society.

Infinity Public Media’s (IPM) purpose is to distribute education and increase awareness of social inequalities, injustices or intolerance caused by popular misleading thinking. IPM creates media programing that bridges situational ignorance, actively drives awareness and promote open honest dialogue aimed at improving quality of life for those in our communities that are being overlooked, outcast or marginalized.

Our programs include sending ambassadors to raise social consciousness about the causes on a local and global level, holding fundraising events in order to provide resources for our initiatives, and producing high quality media for sale and distribution on public radio channels, all of which will be aimed exclusively at fighting social inequalities, injustices or intolerance and spreading education to correct popular misleading thinking. We aim to develop collaboration networks that will share mutually benefiting goals and leverage one another’s expertise, focus and resources to achieve greater things together.